Motivating Mondays-My New Blog Project

Hello folks,

We must have finally landed in our dream job, or started something of our own, obviously which we love doing the most.Yet, for most of us Monday is the worst day of the week and you all would have come across similar images on a Monday Morning(except for my friends living in Arab states of the Persian World).


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So how about getting those Monday morning inspirational dose in your email.

That is a precursor to my new pet blog project called – ” Motivating Mondays”

Through this project , I will take you around some of my favorite stories through videos/pictures on impact branding, strategic nudging, lean business models which focus on conserving materials and energy while celebrating bottom-up approaches and some genuine social consciousness at the organisation level( not the mandatory 2% spent on CSR). As I focus on inspirational stories, I will attempt to do it my style- taking the business essence out of it, but keeping it short and crisp.

In short, i will plunge into a tour where innovation intersects social change.

Stay tuned!!!