Disrupting Urination Norms: When Hyderabad & UP decided to shame the violators

 Building toilets to stop open defecation is not enough.The behavioral component to open defecation is the white elephant in the room.

In a recent effort against public urination by Mahankali traffic police, inspector Rama Swamy garlanded people who were seen relieving themselves on footpaths opposite the railway station.

The idea was not just to shame them, but to direct them to nearest public toilets.#EmbarassmentCanLeadtoBehaviouralChange


In a nation like ours where people fear power, intervention by policemen can act as a perfect deterrent. But is it practically feasible to keep an eye always?

In another case, Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) has decided to install CCTV cameras in public places like bus stops to capture public peeing on camera, which would be further uploaded on youtube. While the intentions are good, it can be translated into action if these cameras are hidden while constantly watching the violators. #ShamingonSocialmedia.

In the past, several desperate attempts have been made to put a stop to public urination in the country, such as fining, pasting tiles of religious figures on public walls( as you can see in the above pic, it really isn’t working), lets hope adequate funds are allocated to install these CCTVs in order to realize our Swachh Bharat dream soon.#behaviouralinsights

Signing off with some “Thoughts while at pot” 😛

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