Social enterprise has been a fancy term used and heard, now and then. While most consider it to be another charitable organisation or a non-profit organisation, not many know that these organisations are for-profit enterprises(hence any donation towards the organisation is tax deductible 🙂 ).Impact Investing is a relatively newer term and still in its infancy, are investments usually made into companies which promise to generate monetary as well as positive social outcomes. Believed to be a 10,000 crore industry, the term has created a roar among the investor group who wish to showcase their soft hearts.

NDTV has made an attempt towards helping them achieve this scale by providing them a platform and bringing them under”Spotlight” where Entrepreneurs meet Impact Investors. Believe it or not, the show Real Deal is indeed a reality show where each entrepreneur will be competing against the other for the prize money.

While we have to stay tuned week after week to checkout the grueling process, I believe that this is a great way for social entrepreneurs to get much needed visibility on media and appreciation from the wider audience who may not be aware of there mere existence. But what’s the real deal?

Quoting one of a tweet, after the show was announced ;Sure, & deserve a wider audience. But reality TV?

Sadly, in a capitalist world, you are allowed to market unhealthy snacks but when a good cause is marketed, the cause is often questioned and eyebrows are raised. Marketing and Advertising usually take a backseat for these organisations working on a shoestring budget, but just like any other startup, social entrepreneurs should not miss any opportunity to get into the minds and hearts(social entrepreneurs are good at driving some empathy) of our hard to please investors. 🙂

These impact based organisations need to create a movement and develop a committed vanguard of social reformers while bringing a change at the systemic level; and platform like this is a welcome change.

I look forward to doing a post show visibility analysis of one of these social startup and I hope to get enough data points which could convince a few to change their minds.

For all others who are yet to make an opinion,you can watch the first episode here: