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Hi, I am Ambily Adithyan, a trained environmental and social impact specialist, passionate about driving systems level change to create real social value and impact.

Rethinking Social is an online platform for social impact enthusiasts to understand about how organisations are trying to solve society’s travails through  socially impacting business models and hybrid value chain solutions. The platform will also be an access to good practice, insights in the development sector.

The broader aim is to inculcate an appreciation and building an attitude towards addressing social problem and develop a road-map for entrepreneurs (in the business, citizen or government sector) in our changing world.

Through this blog, we make an endeavor to research on such ideas and share it with our readers so that any player in the social field can take it forward.

I hope you are with me on this impact business journey. 🙂 Let me know your thoughts on my stories and share yours with me here.

Drop me a line with your suggestions or just say hi at : ambily.adithyan@gmail.com

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